By: Blonde Two

That tide has been doing it again; it has been splashing all over place; including the train tracks at Dawlish. Down here in South Devon, we know how to make a journey exciting (we also know how to cancel it!)

It has to be said that the train journey along the coast between Exeter and Teignmouth is absolutely stunning. You can tell who the locals are because they all sit on the view side of the train; sometimes I wonder if the train will tip over because of the imbalance.

I have an urge to one day try the sleeper train up to Scotland. Do you think you go to sleep after a supper of roast beef and wake up to a haggis breakfast? Goodness only knows what I would do without a car when I got there, it would take me days even to find a shop!

We Blondes (plus our lovely brunette) did a train thing last Sunday (always a risky day for trains). For the start of our Torquay to Totnes walk (a different kind of TT), we met at Torquay train station. Blonde One arrived by train from her home town. As her train pulled in, I tried to take a photo of her dismounting. It was interesting to note that she appeared, as if from nowhere, at the front of the train. I suspect that she had insisted on driving!


Upon completing our walk to Totnes, we all got on the train and went back to Torquay again. It was remarkably easy; we (by dint of most excellent planning and speed control) arrived just as the train was heading home.

We often see walkers with full back-packs on our trains. They are usually doing sections of the South West coast path. What a great way to do it!