By: Blonde Two

Who knew three years ago that Christmas parties would ever find so many opportunities to pop up in the headlines. A far cry indeed from the days when next-day hangovers, tinsel strewn offices, and awkward mistletoe memories were the only issues with seasonal celebrations. Since Covid arrived in our Christmas plans (is it too late to withdraw the invitation?) Christmas parties have become the topic of much discussion.

‘Are you having a Christmas party?’

‘How many people are you inviting?’

‘Shall we hang face masks from the mistletoe?’

How to have the perfect Covid safe Christmas party (and not break any rules)

Over the (nearly ten) years we’ve been writing this blog, Blonde One and I have brought you life tips on all kinds of topics. Off the top of my (not really blonde anymore) head I can recall our sage advice on how to go to the toilet outside, how to pitch a tent, and (most importantly) how to light a fire with a tampon (that last one was back in the days when hand gel was fun!)

There have been many more but today I’m going to offer you our advice on the perfect Christmas party for the Covid era (although to be honest, we Blondes have been having this particular celebration for a fair few years now). This is what you need to do.

  1. Choose a suitable outdoor location (obviously we would recommend Dartmoor).
  2. Fill your rucksack with party essentials including coffee, mince pies, tipple, and (of course) angels.
  3. Walk to your Christmas tree then decorate it (setting a date for your return visit to clear up again).
  4. Sit underneath the tree, drink coffee, eat mince pies, and giggle.
  5. Get your map out, and use your navigation skills to find something exciting (perhaps a special rock, or a hole in the ground).
  6. Take a leisurely walk to check out your accommodation for the night.
  7. Eat a delicious meal (outdoors of you prefer) at a local hostelry.
  8. Enjoy a couple of equally delicious locally brewed pints.
  9. Pick up your rucksack from the car, and carry it up to your accommodation spot.
  10. Lay out your bivvy bag (or pitch the flysheet of a tent if it’s raining – doors open of course).
  11. Sing a few carols in the dark.
  12. Fall asleep mid chatter.
  13. Wake up slightly soggy but happy.
  14. Make and drink coffee whilst still in your sleeping bag.
  15. Eventually get up and pack your gear.
  16. Head off to your favourite local cafe for a well earned Devon breakfast.

Winter wild camping tips

If you think wild camping on Dartmoor in December is madness, you might be right. But we’re used to it, and it’s the sort of madness that makes our souls feel good. So we recommend you give it a try. Just a few tips:

  1. Check for Army live firing if you are thinking about camping in one of the ranges.
  2. Remember that wild camping should always equal backpack camping.
  3. Stick to the seven leave no trace principles.
  4. Always consider local residents, business owners and farmers.
  5. Stay warm with lots of layers (it’s cold out there).


PS If you fancy having a go at winter (or spring, autumn or summer) wild camping, feel free to get in touch with us. Our navigation and camping course dates for 2022 are up now but we’re always happy to fit in bespoke training where we can.

Go on! You know you want to!!!


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