By: Blonde Two

Last night Norm and I flew back to the farm. The flight from Wellington to Auckland takes around an hour; if there is no snow on the plane, if no volcanoes have erupted and if there have been no earthquakes. These are all very unusual occurrence that only seem to happen when I am here so please feel perfectly happy to fly in during any month except August – it saves a whole day’s driving. Although, that day’s driving takes in some amazing scenery, access to hot pools and a desert road so maybe you should drive. I will leave that decision to you.

Usually a night flight is a bit disappointing as you don’t get to admire the, often impressive, scenery. Last night, however, was an exception to the rule. It was a late flight so as we had no drinks and none of those intriguing tiny bags of chips (crisps) that Air New Zealand like to give out, the cabin lights were dimmed and I had a great view out of the window.

The night sky was stunning (sadly no pictures) the moon cast an eerie blueish light on everything and the thin, wispy cloud looked like it was running along the edge of the earth. The hills, rivers and coastline were lit up by the moon. A world in blue.

Which was interesting because last night’s moon was, as well as being full, a Blue Moon (did you hear the howling?) Now you have to be careful here – there are two definitions of what exactly a Blue Moon is. The first and original definition relates to that occurrence when there are four full moons in the time span between solstice and equinox (or equinox and solstice); the blue moon is the third of these. The second and more recent definition is a calendar month that has two full moons in it. Last night’s moon relates to the first of these definitions. Only 7 out of each 19 years will have a blue moon by either definition (I am not sure if this is weird or really obvious maths!)

I am a firm believer that the moon has more influence on our lives than we realise. Have you ever noticed that blokes (sorry blokes) are often a bit more grumpy and agitated when there is a full moon? Certain police forces in the UK have been known to deploy more officers in order to counteract moon related anti-social behaviour. I have no idea whether or not there was a high incidence of werewolves in these areas but the stories of werewolves have to come from somewhere.

BLOKES LOOK AWAY NOW: Despite folklore, there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that women tend to have their periods (sorry guys, I did warn you) on or around the full moon but there have been occurrences of this happening in reasonably large groups of women. I have had several occasions when I believe the moon has had this influence on me and sometimes by as much as two weeks. Once, it was definitely a Blue Moon.  If you are planning to take a group of girls out in the wilds sometime soon, it might be a good idea to check the lunar calendar first!

OK CHAPS, WELCOME BACK:  Whatever you believe about the moon and its influence on us, I hope you managed to get out and look at it last night.  For most of our journey, I couldn’t see it but was definitely enjoying its effects!