By: Blonde One

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m by no means claustrophobic. I could sit in a dark cupboard for hours contemplating life, the universe and everything, but a recent experience on a ship did give me a little bit of cabin fever. I’ve been lucky enough this summer to get away to Morocco, as you know, and also to tres joli France with Mr Blonde One and some very good friends. The trip over, with Brittany Ferries was considerably less stressful than my earlier trip with Easyjet but the beautiful sunny weather combined with the knowledge that my walking boots were nearby did give me itchy feet a little bit. I felt the constraints of the ocean on all sides. A walk around the deck in flip flops was no substitute for the open moors. Even the lure of the duty free shops did not keep my mind occupied enough (much to Mr Blonde One’s relief)! Although I did manage to sneak a quick purchase of perfume! It is common knowledge that a far reaching view is good for the mental state but in this case it didn’t quite hit the spot. Perhaps it was because I had been away from Dartmoor already that I was missing it so much. Whatever the reason, I was feeling a tad confined! The situation was made a whole lot worse by the fact that I was surrounded by all sorts of people sporting outdoorsy makes of clothing. There was a bountiful supply of Berghaus rucksacks, numerous North Face teeshirts and even plenty of Paramo (well maybe not plenty, but the alliteration worked!).

I wonder if these people were feeling the same as me as we collectively peered overboard?


As you can see the naughty yellow Jelly Babies didn’t like sailing either!