By: Blonde Two

Dear Blondees and Blondettes, please don’t be too shocked, but yesterday I got to the end of the weekend and somehow, had omitted to go for any walks at all.  I am not sure quite what has caused this terrible oversight but I can’t remember when it happened last and, looking at the Two Blondes’ expedition calendar for the next 12 months, I can’t see it happening again for quite some time.

I don’t think it would be unreasonable of me to blame the army for Saturday’s lack of walking.  Blonde One and I were at the Ten Tors managers’ meeting all day and there were some pretty strict “sit-on-your-chair” looks coming from people in uniform.  We were very, very nearly on Dartmoor and I could smell the peat in the wind and rain (there is always some rain at Okehampton Camp) but I don’t think you can count the walk across from hangar to NAAFI even as a Bimble.

Sunday morning was, strictly speaking, a Dartmoor morning but with a difference!  I did all things Dartmoor but did them all from the comfort of my bed.  Mr Blonde Two was away cycling a very long way (tell you more about that soon) and I had the luxury of being able to spread my laptop, Dartmoor maps and numerous books all over the bed. I could see the moors from the window too and had a great time finally writing a guest blog post I had promised to the Ramblers ages ago.  At one point, I fell asleep (such luxury) and woke up a bit confused as to what (not who) exactly I was sharing the bed with.

Then it was lunch out (no roast potatoes for Blondes who don’t go walking) with some lovely friends and Not-At-All-Blonde.  Home for housework so I have climbed a few hills worth of stairs, an email to our Ten Tors team explaining some changes to routes etc. (always controversial) and today’s blog post seemed to fill up my afternoon quite well.

I am in good company, Blonde One informs me that she has spent the whole of Sunday shopping.  She almost certainly covered more miles than me.  One thing you can be sure of though is that we will correcting this cosmic mis-balance soon enough. We are going on a pre youngster mini-bus practice drive to Princetown this week. Maybe we should take a quick turn up Cox Tor while we are there!