By: Blonde Two

You have heard both of us Blondes talk about the subject of keeping warm in a tent on Dartmoor at night.  I am sorry if we have gone on about it a bit but it is a subject that is eternally fascinating to us – mainly due to the fact that at least on of us is always cold.  Maybe camping this weekend will sort us out.  Surely, out of all of the months, June should be the one to be warm, to not shiver once and to sleep for a whole night?

At our Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice camp a couple of weekends ago, we witnessed a completely new take on tent warmth – one of the men that we had “cultivated” (long story) brought a onesie with him to sleep in.

It was all a bit odd because I am fairly certain that the bloke who brought the onesie was not the one who ended up wearing it.  We are very liberal Blondes and have nothing against onesie sharing at all, in fact, if someone were to offer me a onesie on a cold night, I would have no qualms about accepting it.

It all got even odder when, in the morning, “Onesie-Wearer” emerged from his tiny one man tent wearing absolutely all of his clothes (including waterproofs) with the beautifully camouflaged onesie on top.  If you look carefully at this photo, you might just be able to see him.



I have had some very cold tent nights in my time and have even slept like a basted turkey in a silver foil blanket (boy was that noisy):   But I have never been tempted to put my waterproofs back on.  I am, however, now happy to consider the purchase of a onesie. Mine would be a very special one, it would have to be made of merino and a lovely girlie colour.  I did a quick internet search not expecting to find any such thing for adults and was amazed and very excited to see this  Not only could you keep warm in bed in this fabulous outfit but you could creep around the campsite without a soul seeing you.

I know that someone is going to ask the obvious “What about when you need a wee?” question.  It was the first thought in my mind.  But have no fear dear Blondees and Blondettes – look closely and you will see that this Merino, Ninja, Perfect, Blonde Onesie comes with “Bathroom Access” so that “… being a lady never has obstacles…”.  How modern!