By: Blonde Two

If you had to invent a week that was perfect for Blondes, you might consider such options as:

Dartmoor Week – aim to visit Dartmoor each day for a week.

Walking Up A Hill Week – aim to walk at least seven different hills.

Bunkhouse Week – aim to spend seven nights in a bunkhouse with suitably outdoorsy friends.

We don’t need to invent our own week though, because Ordnance Survey have done a most excellent job of inventing one for us. Well, if I was honest, I would admit that the idea of a National Map Reading Week was more a response to the numbers of Mountain Rescue call-outs over this summer, than an opportunity to make Blondes happy.

We are going to be so happy between the 17th and 23rd October; when map-reading will be encouraged, talked about, enjoyed and very nearly compulsory across the country.


Ordnance Survey have released some details of their recently commissioned map-reading survey. You can read about them on their blog here, but we feel that you need to know the facts below:

10% of people in the UK have never used a paper map.

Only 40% of people in the UK feel that they could confidently use a map.

We are talking to Dartmoor National Park tomorrow and hope to be able to provide you with details of more of our popular Navigation Workshops very soon!