By: Blonde Two

As you know, we Blondes like taking on a challenge, but it is not that often that we get to help set one.

One of our jobs (all of which have been fun so far) as Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions (I love saying that!) was to nominate our favourite trig point. As you can imagine, the decision about which to choose took a very long minibus meeting and involved much healthy debate. Between us we have visited plenty of trig points, but we eventually narrowed our choice down to two. We couldn’t choose, so instead asked Ordnance Survey if we could have Two Trigs For Two Blondes. They of course said, ‘Yes.’ (who could resist?!?)

Here is Ordnance Survey’s Trig Pillar Trail Challenge.

Screenshot 2016-04-18 20.19.53

Have a look at the interactive map and see if you can guess which belongs to B1 and which to B2, you may be surprised about one of them! When you have done that, have a look at the other 23, how many have you already bagged? Have you already completed any of the walks? I am proud to say that I can put my name to seven in total (including one that must surely have been my first trig ever) but that still leaves a lot of walking to do!

This is a good challenge, we Blondes are looking forward to seeing if anyone will get all of them and hoping that someone will pay us to take the year off and visit them all ourselves!