By: Blonde One

You will by now be very familiar with the amount of paperwork that lives on my desk (I seem to go on about it enough!). Well I was explaining to Blonde Two this weekend about the system I have adopted to help me manage it. It’s a very good filing system that I would encourage you all to adopt and use as often as possible. Here are the highlights:

1. File number 13. This is commonly known as ‘the bin’ and the one next to my desk is well used. It can also refer to the delete button on my emails.

2. The round file in the corner. This is also ‘the bin’.

3. File 101. This is for anything that I don’t want to do, I don’t like doing or anything that I think I could avoid doing within the next 6 months.

4. The turquoise file with the wording ‘Futile attempt at organising my life’. This one is for things that I am enthusiastic about doing but that don’t need doing with military precision. This is a happy file full of exciting plans and promises.

5. The black file labelled ‘Two Blondes’. A very smart, official looking file for the company cheque book and all other manner of important documents. This file is not to be messed with! (Needless to say, Blonde Two has an identical file to this one.)

This particular Blonde system is working well and gets well used (especially 1 and 4).