By: Blonde Two

Even for the Two Blondes, it is not always possible to find time to get up on Dartmoor.  This is perfectly acceptable, but recently I have spent too much of the time in between walks sitting on the sofa.  I do enjoy (this may be the wrong word) other forms of exercise and am a member of a local gym where I sometimes swim and sometimes do inside walking type activities.  I couldn’t swim on Tuesday due to a Blonde moment when packing my bag (no goggles) so that afternoon found me back on the cross-trainer after a long absence.

There is not much to enthral you whilst plodding away on the cross trainer.  I couldn’t make the TV work and I had forgotten my music so I found myself imagining a TV channel that made you feel like you were on a lovely long outside walk – it could play birdsong and river noises and blow wind in your face when you got to the top of the hill.  I had chosen a cross country program and spent some of the time giving each bump on the display the name of a Dartmoor tor.  The trouble was that they were all the same size and rather pointy looking.  They reminded me a bit of High Willhays (the highest point on Dartmoor).  Once I had realised that nobody in their right mind would walk up High Willhays five times in one afternoon, the naming game became a bit meaningless.

Twenty minutes into my cross country extravaganza, I was getting even more bored and started to compose a Dartmoor vs Gym list in my head.  Dartmoor won on a million counts including fresh air, excitement and interest levels but the gym did have a few advantages. There is never any mud, you don’t need a torch if you go at night and it is much safer.  I was just contemplating the relative safety of  the gym, when a nearby bloke flew off his treadmill, fell onto his back and whacked his head on my cross-trainer.  Luckily my first aid skills weren’t called for apart from a pat on the shoulder and some advice to “sit still for a minute” – but it just shows how wrong you can be.  I am off up to Dartmoor next time it is much safer!