By: Blonde Two

Yesterday, for a variety of reasons that may or may not have had something to do with the bottle of wine I drank the night before, I decided against a trip to Dartmoor.  Despite feeling a bit delicate, I found it impossible to stay in on such a sunny day and took the decision to go for a swim at the beach.

I used to be a real beach bunny and have spent many happy days swimming, snorkelling and kayaking around Torbay.  My business with all things Dartmoor has put a stop to that for now but I still love the sea and feel doubly blessed to live so near to both.  I had a few swims yesterday and did some drying off in the sun as well.  As I was drying, I found myself thinking how different these two outdoor activities are.  As ever, I have a few points to share with you;

1.  There are loads and loads more people on the beach than there are on Dartmoor (unless it happens to be Ten Tors weekend).  I am not saying that people are necessarily a bad thing.  Indeed, if you are sitting around drying, they usually provide something entertaining to watch.  Being in a crowd however, does mean that you have to switch on your tolerance control (a bit like air conditioning, it keeps you calm).

2.  It is puzzling that on the beach where there are loads of people, you are allowed to take as many clothes off as you want; whereas on Dartmoor, where there are no people, you have to keep your clothes on.  I couldn’t come up with an adequate explanation for this so if you see a Blonde in Meindl walking boots, a new red bikini and a rucksack bimbling across the moors today, you will know who it is.

3.  On Dartmoor, you are supposed to keep moving but on the beach, you are supposed to lie down.  Can you imagine how odd it would look if everybody was just walking around the beach between sea swims.  Or how much more bizarre it would be if you got to Nun’s Cross (the Nun’s would be) and people were laid out in rows on towels.

4.  People put tents up on Dartmoor and on the beach.  The difference is that on Dartmoor we put the people in the tents; on the beach they put the suncream, sandwiches and beer in the tents.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

Because these two Devonshire activities are so different, I guess the answer is to make sure that you do both of them.  Which is why this is turning out to be the perfect weekend!