By: Blonde Two

Start up all the clocks,
Give the dog the biggest bone,
Play all those pianos, and bang the loudest drum
Time to get excited; our next book has come!

Actually we Blondes are not sure that drums and pianos are enough; but an American marching band with at least five sousaphones, and twenty six gaiter and rucksack clad cheerleaders would probably suffice.

Or maybe just a quiet select celebration; a picnic by a bend in a burbling river, next to a beehive hut on some green, green grass.

Whichever jollification we choose, we Two Blondes are proud to announce the arrival of …. ‘Dart the River’.DTR Front Cover


(shortish pause for a moment of nationwide cheering!)

Dart the River tells the story of the River Dart (East for you purists) as he tumbles down off Dartmoor all the way to the sea at Dartmouth. The book is meandering its way to shops right now (nice verb B2); but won’t be available for sale until its launch in October.

You would, I am sure, love to see some sneak previews … well you can have just one … for now!

3 wind (Kit Rocks)