By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I have a lot of outdoor gear. This is obviously a perfectly acceptable situation but sitting here contemplating our (thankfully large now the brood have flown) home, I have come to the realisation that we would have a lot less if only we could stick to the same hobby for more than a few years.

Mr B2 Kayak
Mr B2 One bike
Mrs B2 Kayak and gardening equipment

Cellar Type Space:
Mr B2 – Two bikes
Mr B2 – Kayak paddle
Mr B2 – Bike clothing
Mr B2 – Bike repair stuff and thingies
Mrs B2 – Kayak clothing

Coat Cupboard:
Mr B2 – Three outdoorsy coats
Mr B2 – Walking trainers
Mrs B2 – Five outdoorsy coats
Mrs B2 – Packed day-sack
Mrs B2 – Two pairs of walking boots
Mrs B2 – Walking trainers
Mrs B2 – Walking stuff and thingies

Half Way Stairs Cupboard:
Mr B2 – Two sleeping bags
Mr B2 – Various tarpaulin/shelter type thingies
Mr B2 – Hammock
Mr B2 – One holdall
Mr B2 – Stove type thingies
Mr B2 – One Thermarest
Mrs B2 – Two larger rucksacks
Mrs B2 – One holdall
Mrs B2 – Quite a few tents… too scared to count
Mrs B2 – Big Orange (sleeping bag)
Mrs B2 – Camp equipment box 1
Mrs B2 – One Trangia
Mrs B2 – One Brukit (stove type thingie)
Mrs B2 – One Thermarest (bigger than Mr B2’s)

Spare Room 1:
Mrs B2 – Camp equipment boxes 2 and 3

Airing Cupboard:
Mrs B2 – Sleeping Bag Liner

I have no idea, I avoid going up there but there is at least one six-man tent!

There will be some of you out there who are thinking that we have far less outdoors equipment than you. This could well be true, but bear in mind that I have recently discovered the joys of wild swimming which opens up a whole new world of gear possibilities… unless I decide to do that one in the nude of course!