By: Blonde Two

Clearly, somebody somewhere has been messing around with time because at the end of this month I will celebrate my 50th birthday (B2 stands back and waits for the gasps of denial). I am not too bothered about the numbers, life is good, I still love the outdoors and I have new adventures planned for 2018. That said, I feel that I need to mark the year with some kind of outdoor challenge.

I did consider running (for a nanosecond) but it would have had to have been 50 metres not 50 miles

I thought about swimming but 50 minutes in the January sea would probably kill me

Walking is a possibility but I do a lot of that every year

So I decided to do sleeping instead! (I am particularly good at sleeping!)

50 Nights Out 2018


Outdoors sleeping of course… well nearly. I have tried the bivvy a month thing before and failed miserably (apparently I am only capable of bivvying during the winter months). 50 nights camping is (as Mr B2 pointed out to me) around one a week. I have debated with myself about whether to include camper nights and bothy nights and have decided to allow both. Camper nights have the word ‘camp’ in them and anyone who has ever slept in a bothy will know that they can be colder and damper than the space outside them.

So this is my 2018, 50 for 50 challenge. I will (note the decisive verb here) either tent camp, bivvy, hammock, tarp, sleep in the camper or sleep in a bothy for 50 nights during 2018. The good news is that I have already completed one night out in the camper, have a birthday bothy night planned with B1 and another ‘friend who says yes’ #FWSY, have a possible DofE wild camp and have promised to take Not-At-All-Blonde camping before she goes back to university.

That’s 4 nights out for January sorted! Only 46 to go!


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