By: Blonde Two

With outdoor swimming venues open again, and lots more people interested in open water swimming and wild swimming, you might feel it’s time to learn a few more swimming skills. We have just the thing for those of you who like to spend more time with your heads underwater than above it. Read on for our top underwater navigation tips.

Underwater navigation for beginners

  1. Take an old compass, which doesn’t work anymore.
  2. Decide which direction you want to travel (up doesn’t work for underwater).
  3. Line your compass up between your toes.
  4. Stick your head in the water.
  5. Open your eyes.
  6. Hold the compass out in front of you.
  7. Wave the compass around a bit.
  8. Start swimming.
  9. Swim round in a circle because you’re only using one arm.
  10. Swallow some water because you’re laughing too much.
  11. Give up on compass navigation and follow the lines in the sand.

Useful outdoor skills

So there we have it. Some top Blonde tips on underwater navigation. Next week we might bring you something different. How about how to wild camp underwater or perhaps underwater camp cookery?

If neither of those grab you as useful outdoor skills, how about finding out how to read a map on dry land. We recommend Dartmoor for it’s beautiful landscape and plentiful features.

Learn how to read a map

We also recommend our navigation courses. They’re fun, friendly, and really informative (also we won’t make you walk very far at all!) There are plenty of great reasons to learn map reading, not least avoiding getting lost. At the moment we have availability on Sunday 13th June and Friday 30th July. But if you fancy a different date, get in touch because we also run bespoke navigation sessions.

If you are a diver and really need to navigate underwater, you might find this additional information helpful.