By: Blonde Two

This Friday sees International Women’s Day 2019 and we Blondes have decided to mark the occasion with a whole week of blog posts that celebrate all that is female in the outdoors world. This year’s IWD theme is Balance for Better, which fits our ‘working together’ ethos perfectly. To start us off today, we have a look back at some of our favourite ‘outdoor women’ blog posts we have written in the past.

There was the issue with the cold extremities…

Cold Bits

There was Blonde One’s expedition that helped a women’s project in Morocco

World Challenge – Goulmima Project

There was the time I admitted to being a bossy woman

Bossy Blonde

And there was the time we had a bit of a moment with axes and daughters!

Buy Your Daughters Axes

We hope you enjoyed our little walk through the feminine side of Blonde life past. It was tricky to choose blog posts because, in the six years that we have been writing together, we have had a lot to say about women in the outdoors. If you fancy reading a few more, you will find our ‘women outdoors’ category link very helpful.