By: Blonde Two

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

Interestingly this proverbial comment on the nature of beauty was first recorded in print by a woman.

It is nonsense of course. Beauty doesn’t come from someone else’s opinion; it comes from inside ourselves.

Take a look at this photo of me (Feb 2017). Let’s face it, it is not ostensibly the most flattering of images. I have more tummy than I should, my legs are lily-white and I am wearing the weirdest of hat/goggle combinations.

But I look beautiful. You may not think so but that doesn’t matter, it is what I think that matters. I look beautiful because I am outside, the elements and I are one… and that is making me happy.

Social media photos, I have observed, are all too often posed, involve too much make-up and don’t really look like the person they represent. In my observations of young women over recent years, they all look absolutely their most beautiful with wind-messed hair, naturally rosy cheeks and an outdoors grin on their faces.

There are good reasons for this, to do with fresh air, camaraderie and achievement. So stop pouting at the camera girls and get yourselves outside! I promise you, you will more look beautiful than you can imagine.