By: Blonde Two

Outlandishly Outsidish 4 – Take a Crocodile for a Walk

We Blondes do recommend a sturdy pair of walking boots for outings on Dartmoor.  There a bogs, stumps and holes a-plenty to grab and twist the unwary ankle.  Some people opt for walking shoes; fair enough, we are not responsible for all the ankles of the world.  You occasionally see someone struggling up to a tor in a pair of “girl shoes”.  This induces a mixture of admiration and worry in me, I generally look away.

Crocs are not really de rigueur on the moors (Urban Dictionary:  “Quite possibly the ugliest but most comfortable shoes ever …”).  I am very fond of mine even if they do make my feet look like blue pasties.  I decided the other day that I should put these plastic wonders to the test and took them for a very little walk up a very little tor.  All three of us enjoyed ourselves.CrocsFeel-Good-Score:  6/10