By: Blonde Two

Outlandishly Outsidish 7 – That String Thing

You either have a thing-about-string or you don’t.  I definitely do and have to have some string to hand wherever I am.  Mr B2 will tell you that I even went through a phase of tying string to the bed post so that I could practice my knots in bed (for sailing purposes!).  My pockets often have bits of string in them and I will find any excuse, particularly in the garden to spend some time doing That String Thing.

Yesterday’s happy String Thinghour was spent tying together all of my garden canes into neat bundles.  I was particularly pleased with my clove hitches.  Here is a photo of my currently favourite string in my all time favourite string thing.  If anyone feels like buying me some of that lovely Dartmoor Twool Twine (made from Dartmoor wool you know) for Christmas, they will make me a very happy Blonde.


Feel-Good-Score:  7/10