By: Blonde Two

Outlandishly Outsidish 8 – Cow Wrangling

I haven’t done any cow wrangling since I was last at the farm in New Zealand.  I am not even sure if we call it that in this country.  Anyway, whilst driving down off our lovely Dartmoor yesterday (after a relaxing lunch at Yar Tor), I spied four cows, one calf and one police officer all looking a bit middle-of-the-road.  By this, I don’t mean that any of them looked boring.  The police officer seemed like a friendly, in control sort of chap and the cows had interesting curly coats – they were all actually in the middle of the road.

Everything seemed calm but in New Zealand, it is the done thing to get out of your car and offer help if cows are in the wrong place (they often seem to be) and as I do love cows, I asked if help was required.

It apparently was and between us we managed to steer said cows and one calf off the road into a field.  Probably the wrong field but at least they weren’t going to scare the visitors’ cars there.  I was in charge of gate opening and stopping them going past the gate.  I remembered the Golden Cow Rule just in time, cows are easy really as long as you remember not to look them in the eye.

Feel-Good-Score:  10/10 (I told you I love cows)