By: Blonde Two

Outlandishly Outsidish 9 – Finding Things

When the Two Blondes first decided to start writing about the fact that our walking seemed to be a bit more blonde than everyone else’s, our walking together was mostly about ‘finding’ things.

We found stones and cairns and flowers and more stones and houses and tombs and mines and more stones … well you get the picture.  They were all just sitting there in our Dartmoor 365 books waiting to be found.  Nowadays we are so busy running expeditions that our walking is … well actually, still a lot about ‘finding things’.  ‘Finding’ enough tents, ‘finding’ the right paperwork, ‘finding’ the minibuses, ‘finding’ the staff … even sometimes ‘finding’ the lost youngsters.

We haven’t gone out together and done any Dartmoor 365 ‘finding’ for a while so I thought I would practice on a square that I am fairly sure Blonde One will already have.  It was Buckfast Bridge which spans the Webburn just before it meets the Dart Loop, very pretty but no mega-navigation needed, walk along the lane and there it is.  And here it is.Buckfast BridgeThere is still that sense of achievement though in taking the photo and then going home and crossing a square off.  To date I have found 159 of the 365 things that need to be found on Dartmoor, this means that I haven’t covered even half of the moor yet.  This is quite exciting because it also means that there are plenty more ‘finding’ opportunities for Blonde One and I out there.

Feel-Good-Score:  9/10