By: Blonde Two

I might not be over the hill quite yet but I do live at the top of one.

Active travel

When we first moved to this house I saw it’s height as a disadvantage (apart from the lovely views towards Dartmoor of course). Now I’m in my fifties, active travel seems really important, and I’m determined to eschew the car as much as possible, I can see that walking back up a hill whenever I’ve visited almost anywhere is keeping me fit and active. Check out our South Devon walking tips here.

Walking to the beach

This especially applies when I’ve been to the beach. I’m lucky enough in Torquay to have seven beaches within walking distance (45 minutes). Despite all of them requiring a considerable post-swim climb, I’ve decided that not only is it healthier and better for the planet for me to walk, it’s also far less hassle.

Car driving involves parking, concentrating, and working hard not to get cross with other drivers. Walking just doesn’t.

Urban hill walking

My daily beach offers several home-hill-walking options. Each is steep and most include steps. I’ve yet to decided on my favourite but I do enjoy taking different ones and comparing my level of out-of-breathness as I get to the top of each. Obviously (because I’m a Two Blonde) I’ve given some of them names.

  • The Pimlico Punisher 2.3km, 103.43m ascent – a slope so steep I almost get vertigo walking down it, this one has a killer set of steps right at the top
  • The Steps of Doom2.3km, 90.77m ascent – my steepest and quickest vertical option, around 200 steps that actually go straight up a cliff, and have at least one false summit
  • The Braddon Beast 2.2km, 93.79m ascent – takes me quickly out of the bustle of town and offers a few foraging opportunities on the way up
  • The Torwood Trot 2.8km, 94.41m ascent – longer but more salubrious once I’ve left the tempting restaurant aromas behind
  • The Block Buster 2.3km, 90.77m ascent – Blockbusters is long gone but these steps endure, they regularly smell of wee but include a few exciting foraging surprises

Give your route a name

If naming routes seems a bit silly to you, might I suggest you give it a try. When I get home I like to report my activity to Mr B2. ‘I’ve just climbed the Steps of Doom.’ sounds much more impressive than, ‘I’ve just walked up from the beach.’


Active travel… the options appear to be endless