By: Blonde Two

I had a bit of a mechanical issue to deal with yesterday.  As you know, despite having a rather nice little car, I don’t really like driving all that much.  Luckily Blonde One does so once more, we make the perfect pair.  Anyway, my unlove of mechanical things extends fairly wide and includes such mundane instruments as the photocopier (don’t even mention laminators, they explode whenever I touch them and I was eventually forbidden to go near the one at my last place of work).

Photocopiers, should, in essence, be simple to use.  Put something printy in one end and the same printy thing should come out lots of times at the other end.  I was trying to be good yesterday and copy my two page route cards (weekend on Dartmoor coming up) onto one piece of paper.  In doing so, I discovered a strange Blonde phenomenon.  Whenever I put ordinary, boring two page printy things into the photocopier, it sends them out the other end, neatly transferred to one piece of paper (no problems); but if I ask the copier (very nicely) to do the same with a route card, it insists on making one side of the printing upside down.

I am convinced that this only happens when I am printing route cards – either the photocopier is very clever and teasing me or it is very stupid and has a similar Blonde sense of direction to me!