By: Blonde One

It’s about this time of year that copious amounts of paperwork needs to be done! It’s so tedious and sometimes makes me wonder what on earth am I doing it all for? Wouldn’t I be better off running a cupcake tasting club or a daffodil appreciation club or something else equally as pleasant but with none of the horrors of forms, permission slips or risk assessments?

Well, I have filled in route cards, typed letters, completed risk assessments, scanned medical forms, made lists, done map traces, changed map traces, retyped letters, e-mailed, changed map traces again and generally used up a whole forest full of trees in paper!!!

You might think that I am fed up with it all and you would be right, but for one thing … the participants that get to go on the expeditions that the paperwork has been for, with the Two Blondes. I have had a constant stream of youngsters asking me if I need any help, if there is anything they can do or if they could take anything home to finish. They have been truly amazing and I am very optimistic that they will not only thoroughly enjoy their expedition when they get there, but they will be appreciative of any trips in the future that others have arranged for them. Hopefully all of this organisation and logistics will mean they will be very efficient expedition leaders in the future!