By: Blonde One

WARNING! DO NOT READ if you are eating, drinking, thinking of eating, thinking of drinking!

On a recent trip to Glastonbury with a coach full of excitable 11 year olds I had the misfortune to be required to ponder the humble sick bag. It seems that when on a trip it is the First Aider who is responsible for any type of sickness, although I am fairly confident that any person, first aid trained or not, could deal with this horrible situation. Over the years, I have had to deal with it on numerous occasions, so I suppose I could actually add it my list of other questionable talents!?! This time, however, was a bit of a revelation as I realised that there are several types of sick bag. Let me explain … In an emergency the humble supermarket carrier bag will do, although there is an obvious problem caused by the tiny little holes that are designed to prevent suffocation. The next step up is the sac mal de mer. These are perfect for the job except they are a bit tricky to deal with when used. I have made 2 very exciting discoveries in the sick bag department. The first is a plastic bag with a draw string top that contains an absorbant piece of wadding inside. Almost perfect! The perfect solution however comes in a tiny little pack and contains a pair of gloves and 2 bright yellow bags with a sticky sealable top.


It is a fine line, creating an interesting blog without making you lovely readers feel the need for a sick bag yourselves. I can only apologise if I crossed the line!