By: Blonde One

One of tomorrow’s jobs is to book myself into a Princetown bunkhouse for a forthcoming expedition. I have been considering for a few days now, which one to book. It’s a tricky decision as all 3 of them have their merits. The Prince of Wales has a lovely sofa. The Plume of Feathers has a pub downstairs that serves amazing sausage and mash. The Foxtor bunkhouse has a very friendly owner. It’s a tough choice and I’m not quite decided yet. This dilemma got me thinking about ‘the perfect bunkhouse’. Here it is:

  • There needs to be a good variety of maps to peruse and a big table to spread them out on.
  • The drying room needs to be large with lots of shelving and hanging space, and preferably have a tumble dryer too.
  • The pub downstairs should be friendly, welcoming and serve Jail Ale and great food.
  • The sofa must be large and cosy with a good selection of comfy cushions.
  • The bedrooms and bathrooms should have locks on them (the Two Blondes have stayed in a bunkhouse with a broken bathroom lock. We had to devise our own system to avoid embarrassment).
  • The kitchen ideally needs a big table with lots of chairs for socializing with other guests (it’s amazing how interesting bunkhouse guests are).
  • The floors should be easy-clean so there is no need to worry about mud.
  • Finally, it needs to have a good heating system to keep me warm (this is harder than you would imagine!).

If you know of any such place, please let me know. In the meantime, I will continue to wait to win the lottery so that I can open my own! You would, of course, all be invited to the Blonde Bunkhouse-warming party.