By: Blonde Two

Have you ever noticed that, just as Easter is a time for bonnets, Christmas is a time for hats.  There are Santa hats, paper hats, hats made out of tea towels, elf hats, bobble hats, ear flap hats, woolly hats – in fact, at this time of year, the hat list is almost endless.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I have a selection of hats to suit different Dartmoor occasions.  Like some strange kind of mobile walking equipment hoarder, I carry all of them in my rucksack.  It makes sense to me, Dartmoor is a strange place, who knows when the weather might suddenly swap from heatwave to big freeze?

I was given a new Dartmoor hat this year and I have a feeling that it could replace 90% of the hats currently residing in my rucksack.  Let me explain;

1.  A hat should keep you warm – new hat has three layers, micro fleece for cosy breathability next to the head and knitted on the outer layer (see number three for middle layer).

2.  A hat should cover your ears all of the time and not ride up – new hat has a special band around it at ear level.

3.  A hat should keep you dry – new hat is a SealSkinz one (no actual seals were harmed) and has a very clever middle layer which is waterproof and windproof.  It is also breathable so that if you forget to dry your Blonde hair (there are days when doing this seems a bit laughable), all moisture will soon be drawn away and added to the elements.

4.  A hat should shield your glasses from the rain – glasses wearing on Dartmoor is a relatively new one to me and causes no end of problems.  Blonde One has already developed a good system to deal with this and wears a baseball cap – new hat has a peak which may well do the trick.

New hat (Belgian Cycling Cap to give it its correct name) sounds miraculous doesn’t it? This winter can (and will) be cold, wet, windy, icy and snowy but my Blonde head will be warm (even in bed).  There is only one problem – I can’t put new hat on without those around issuing over-loud guffaws of laughter.  I can usually “do” hats with aplomb but this one has defeated me and looks at worst ridiculous and at best comedic.  As there are few mirrors on Dartmoor and as I really don’t mind being laughed at, I intend to wear new hat as much as possible.  Look out for me, I will be the one with glowing cheeks, a wry grin and a very warm head!