By: Blonde One

We all know that it takes me a while to put up blog posts so forgive me if this one seems as if it is too far after the event, but it is an important one!

Blonde Two talked recently about how she had prepared the spare room for my sleepover visit. I wanted to share my side of the story …

I arrived (then swore and rushed back to work, as I realised I had left a quite ripe banana in the filing cabinet). On my return there was a gin and tonic waiting with the perfect amount of ice. My bag had been taken up to my room. When I walked into the spare room I breathed a sigh of contentment. There was the promised Dartmoor map on the desk, there was a rucksack under the bed (just in case I needed any emergency supplies), there was a perfect breeze coming through the open window and there were fresh flowers on the windowsill.


Before we left the house for our night out, we shared a bag of crisps (Beef and Horseradish) on the sumptious white sofa. We were both looking forward to our night out but I suggested that it was the perfect sofa for snuggling into with a lovely glass of red wine. On our return from our night out Mr Blonde Two allowed me to disturb his film watching as he poured me the lovely glass of red wine while I snuggled into the sofa!

The morning was very leisurly and I was awoken to some beautiful piano playing from Blonde Two (she really is multi talented). I’m glad to say that the Twitter encouraged ‘pen moustache’ drawn on sleeping Blonde One’s face didn’t materialise.

I hope that I’m invited back soon!