By: Blonde Two

It has to be said that Blonde One and I are pretty good at packing.  Give us a Dartmoor wild camp, a Welsh bunkhouse stay or an overseas trip to climb mountains; we are up to the packing challenges of most excursions.  We like to think that we manage with the bare minimum which we obviously do, but I suspect that one man’s bare minimum is not the same as another Blonde’s.  For example, neither Blonde will contemplate a night on Dartmoor without a pillow, a light to hang up in the tent and some mascara.

Our packing skills however, have been stretched to the limit over the last couple of days.  Blonde One was struggling to leave work (our wonderful stores will be unavailable for a couple of weeks) with the required equipment for both a night in a Dartmoor bunkhouse and a DofE camp site expedition (both due to happen in the next few days).

I (with a slight hangover) had to pack two bags yesterday, one for a night in a hotel on Exmoor (where I really did do nothing) and one for the Dartmoor bunkhouse trip.  This double-booking packing was my own fault because, when checking my diary before booking the hotel, I had mistakenly assumed that there were two Mondays this week – one for DofE walks and the other for hotel leisure.

I have spotted no errors in my packing so far and I am sure that Blonde One has not either.  We have even remembered to put my blue enamel stock pot into her Landy boot.  I am not sure that either of us understand why exactly we have done this but it will come to us at some point.

My looming redundancy has forced me to contemplate the possibility of different career paths – maybe there is a place in the world for the role of “Personal-Packer”.