By: Blonde One

Yesterday was the first Ten Tors training of the season and a very strange thing happened…

We are used to our youngsters being pixie-led (lost) but the pixies this time found a new trick. They were continually untying shoe laces! A fair proportion of our day was spent waiting for someone to re-tie their laces. It was very peculiar. After the first few times I kept an eye on the lace-tying skills of the group and they all looked as if they were doing a good enough job but those laces just kept coming loose.

We considered all possibilities: were the group taking it in turns deliberately so that they could have a short rest?, were the offending laces all made of Vaseline coated cord?, did the youngster appear to have little experience in tying his own laces (we have had a young lady who had her very own personal lace tie-er before)? None of these theories seemed to be true, so the answer must be those pesky pixies!