By: Blonde Two

This morning, Dartmoor is pink.  from my desk (I am actually in bed but desk sounds more organised), I can see the sun acting like a filtered spotlight – nothing else is illuminated yet and it looks as tempting as a box of posh chocolates.  All it needs is a big cerise bow tied round the top and it would be the perfect Christmas gift.

I am going to have to go and investigate.  I have one pink walking top and I think I will wear it to blend in – I shall become one with the moor.  I had made myself promise myself that I would clean the house today in preparation for the Christmas visitation but lets face reality – no house is ever going to stay clean for 17 days especially not one inhabited by an elderly Jack Russell who spends his days rolling around the carpets.

Haytor I think and a stroll around the quarries and tram lines or maybe up over …….Tor to visit the ………….. and see if the Christmas tree has been decorated.  You think I am making this up don’t you.  Well it is true, there is a secret tree up there that is sometimes decorated for Christmas.  Kind of like yarn bombing but with baubles –  I’ll let you know tomorrow.  Time to get up now.