By: Blonde One

Well, it’s no good asking us because apparently the Two Blondes are incapable of planning a trip to Treloyhan Manor in St Ives! We are very excited to be going there in a few weeks time and have begun to try to sort out our trip. We’re looking forward to all sorts of things: comfy beds, different walking areas, yummy food, to name just a few things.

Tonight after work Blonde Two cooked me a delicious spag bol and we intended to sort ‘stuff’ out. The Two Blondes are once again soon to be in different countries and plans need to be made to prepare for this much anticipated expedition. Unfortunately we seem to have failed in our mission. We prepared well. We got ready our pens, prepared 2 pages from our large notepad, poured a beer, and then … nothing! We had nothing to plan for. There was no kit list needed, no decision about whose tent to use, no need to plan a menu, no route cards to write, no lists of participants, nothing! It was unnerving! We couldn’t even write a driving route as the Treloyhan Manor website had even done that for us.

We couldn’t bear to leave our pieces of paper empty, so this is the only thing we could come up with …


It’s a very thorough plan, don’t you think?!