By: Blonde One

I am ordinarily a law-abiding citizen who sometimes is too honest for my own good. I never pick wild flowers, drop litter, or graffiti a bus stop never mind commit theft, murder or arson. But I have recently heard of a very clever judge in Ireland who has meted out a lovely sentence that I wouldn’t mind being sentenced to any day of the week. In September 2010 an Irish man was found guilty of verbally abusing a policeman who came from a different area of Ireland. The accused was heard to say things such as: ‘go back where you came from’ amongst other things and in order to stop him being so scathing about this different area, the judge sentenced him to go and climb the mountain of Croagh Patrick! This is an amazing punishment and an inspired and very brave decision by the judge. I would like to think that the guilty man found a new way to pass his time instead of being insulting and rowdy and that he has now found a love of walking.

My next decision is what crime will I commit in order to receive such a sentence! So if you are a policeman who receives a torrent of abuse about Snowdonia, Ben Nevis or any other beautiful high spot – please recommend to the judge that I should climb it as my penance!