By: Blonde Two

Indulge me for a moment dear Blondees and Blondettes. This is an ode to the Rowan Tree that I got to know quite well as my cable car in Ischgl passed it by. It clings to the side of a cliff and nearly touches the gondolas. We got to know each other quite well, apologies for any grammatical errors, English or German!

Ah kleine Vogelbeerbaum, wie ich, du hangst im Raum.

Mein Seil, deinen Wurzeln; zwischen uns und Raum sind alles.

Du wirt nicht grosser, du bist schwebend nach und nach,

Und in mein Gedachtnis. Verwirzelt es. Magst du deine Platz?

Oh little Rowan Tree, you hang in space like me.

My cable, your roots; All that are between us and space.

You will not grow taller, you are suspended in time,

And in my memory. Rooted there. Do you like your place?