By: Blonde Two

Maudlin is a very expressive word, almost onomatopoeic I would say.  It is not, however, a healthy state in which to be; so I (although currently in danger of falling foul of the self-pity bug) am going to use my excellent compass skills and navigate my way into the positivity of Pollyanna Town (Blonde One has taught me well).

On Saturday afternoon the Two Blondes received (via the medium of Twitter) some news.  I was very sad about it at the time, as in my Blonde head it was a portender of doom.  In the grand scheme of life, love and loss however, the news was not spectacularly awful – someone had sawn our lovely Dartmoor Christmas Tree down.Sawn Tree

I went up to have a look for myself yesterday and could tell from the bottom of the hill that Tree was no longer standing tall and proud.  As I got closer though, it became clear that Tree has survived, albeit a bit shorter, and has plenty of branch space for baubles next year.

I’m not going to rant and rave about who might have done this deed or indeed why they did it.  People are all different, some talk to trees, some mindlessly cut them down. All that matters is that I realised once I got up there, that the Dartmoor Christmas Tree is still hanging on in there, is still in the most peaceful of spots and can still be the Two Blondes’ happy place.