By: Blonde Two

One Dartmoor ambition that I haven’t fulfilled yet is to go on a mushroom walk with an expert (I insist on having an expert), pick some edible mushrooms and then eat them for brunch (a meal that can be eaten at any time of day).  Let me know if you know a Dartmoor fungus expert!

I love all fungi (avoiding silly joke about entertaining men), they fascinate me and I am childish enough to find poo fungus very exciting.  Poo, let’s be honest, makes most of us giggle and something growing out of poo has to be even funnier.  Especially when it looks like the one on the left below!Poo Fungus

My inexpert research suggests that yesterday’s findings are Dung Mottle-gill or Panaeolus Semiovatus. I am willing to be proven wrong but am definitely not willing to try eating them to find out if they are indeed inedible (although there has to be an element of curiosity about what would happen if you did eat them).

Dung Mottle-gill is apparently very common and very hardy being able to cope with mountain conditions.  Dartmoor has no mountains but anything that can grow out of a cow pat must be fairly robust!  There are about 12 species of Panaeolus in Europe, some even grow on bird dung (which is pretty clever)!

And that is all I know about it except that you definitely can’t put it into a bacon sandwich which is a shame because I found it at a beautiful camping spot!