By: Blonde One



There are many uses these days for the old red telephone box. I’ve seen them used as libraries and charity boxes in local villages. There’s also a few around that decorate someones garden. The one on the island of Bryher on the Isles of Scilly is the best by a mile though! It has been turned into a museum by the Bryher Community Association and is at the moment full of things related to the film made on the island based on the Michael Morpurgo book Why the Whales Came. If you remember this is the book that started my interest in these idyllic islands and has resulted in it being one of my favourite places in this country (Dartmoor being the other of course).


The phone box is an amazing museum containing newspaper clippings, a copy of the screenplay script by Michael Morpurgo and an audio of an interview with Helen Pearce, the actress from Brhyer who played the role of Gracie in the film.

It’s probably the smallest museum I’ve ever been to but by no means the least interesting!