By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if anybody else experiences the phenomena that I call “post travel madness” (PTM) but whenever I get home from a holiday, I get a tremendous urge to rearrange my life.  As with its close relative PMT, the symptoms of PTM are varied and can range from the urge to pull old wallpaper off the wall to moving the whole family to a different county 170 miles from home.  I have done both of these straight after a holiday – luckily both with good results.

Heather and Gorse

Today Mr B2 and I spent a happy afternoon driving around Dartmoor deciding where we would like to live.  Living on the moors has been a long time ambition of mine and coming back from all that space on the farm in New Zealand always makes me long to move out of town.  Luckily, Mr B2 wasn’t suffering from PTM himself and was there to remind me that for someone who doesn’t really like driving, getting to work from Princetown everyday was likely to be a bit of a drag and involve some very early mornings especially as I was going to need two jobs to pay the hefty new mortgage I was planning.

Top Tor2

There are bits of Dartmoor that are not too far away from work and not too expensive so I won’t put that dream to bed just yet.  Blonde One and I often find houses that we would like to buy while we are out exploring the moors.  We are convinced that “Blonde House” will happen one day.  It will have a map room (of course), a drying room (everyone loves a drying room), a camping field (with loo) for DofE groups, a barn for shelter, lots of bedrooms, several woodburners (Mr B1 and B2 will of course chop wood), a huge camp kit store, a reading room (looking over the moor) and a hot tub.

All this is going to take a bit of saving up for (or sudden fame) so in the meantime, we will carry on enjoying walking on Dartmoor and dreaming.  Today I did manage a very little anti jet lag walk around Top Tor and was humbled to see a lady up there using a walking frame. She looked liked she was enjoying herself and quite determined to reach her destination.  It just shows that if you are determined enough (yep, some may call it stubborn) you can achieve most things.