By: Blonde Two

We Blondes had a fantastic time earlier this week (although to be fair the whole thing felt more like a weekend). We were in the land of Up North (Macclesfield to be precise) for our annual get together with our fellow Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions. We had an amazing time (all thanks due to the OS Leisure team), which included a marvellous cottage pie, a hotel maze, a bit of camera kidnapping, some axe throwing and lots and lots of orange (if that all sounds a bit too mysterious and Blonde we promise to tell you more at a later date).

Getting back, however, to my reason for writing this post. I suspect that, although we all lead very busy lives working, looking after families, sharing stories and get outsiding, B1 and I are not the only champions to be feeling today a tad post-orange.

Post Orange Syndrome is a little known disease that afflicts those who have recently had a marvellous time talking to orange people, taking orange photographs and generally walking the orange walk.



  • An increase in the use of OS Maps
  • The overuse of social media
  • A slightly exhausted but happy expression
  • The wearing of orange clothes in inappropriate situations

Treatment suggestions (we have no idea whether any of these will actually work)

  • Avoidance therapy – avoid all orange confectionary, including barley sugars, chocolate oranges and orange smarties
  • Control therapy – buy a separate, locking wardrobe for all orange clothing and outdoor gear
  • Talking therapy – contact all of your fellow Get Outside Champions and tell them how lovely they look in orange
  • Eating therapy – create an orange evening meal, suggestions include carrots, scotch eggs, tikka masala and salmon (probably not all at once)
  • Aversion therapy – put all of your orange gear on at the same time and GET OUTSIDE in it


There is currently no scientific research into Post Orange Syndrome but you will be pleased to hear that we Blondes have taken on the task. We will soon be sending round a survey (sample questions below).

  • How many times a day do you wear orange?
  • Do you engage in instantaneous hugging when you see people wearing orange?
  • Does wearing orange make you want to run around in the mud shooting arrows at other people? (The people above are all wearing stealth orange under their jackets)
  • Does wearing orange make you want to throw axes?
  • Have you noticed a flocking tendency whenever you wear orange?
  • Do you have a deep desire to make thousands of other people wear orange on a particular date in September?

We’ll let you know how it all goes!!