By: Blonde One

I like to be organised. I like to have a plan and a list to make sure that things go smoothly. So the forthcoming trip to Scotland includes lots and lots of planning and preparation. Most of the trip is unfamiliar: Scotland itself (I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve never been), driving a friend’s car, using an ice axe, climbing a Monroe, using crampons, etc, etc. I’ve been working away for several weeks getting ready. One aspect of my preparation is to practice putting on crampons. I’ve taken the matter very seriously and have put them on for the last couple of days …


I think they looked quite good with purple heels.


They also look good in red heels.


My boots for around town were even better.

When the lovely BMC gave the advice to practice putting crampons on I’m not sure that this was what they had in mind!

I have obviously taken it more seriously than this and can now put them on over my proper B1 boots whilst wearing gloves. I wonder how I will get on when I’m stood in snow with the inevitable wind and rain bashing me about?