By: Blonde One

The responsibility of being a school Prefect is taken very seriously at Trinity School, both by staff and by the Prefects. The two days of training took place on Dartmoor based at the fabulous Whiteworks bunkhouse and consisted of all sorts of challenges and scenarios. The Prefects were tested on all of the school ‘Vision Words’ but perhaps most particularly on their courage and resilience. Day one began with a walk into Princetown. Teams of 5 had to successfully navigate their way independently whilst being challenged at each checkpoint by a puzzle. Several challenges and tasks were completed during the rest of the afternoon and evening. After an unusual night, the teams awoke to a further day full of tasks to organise with only a short amount of time to do it in. The success of the trip was measured in two ways for me: firstly by the comments made by the Prefects themselves and secondly by the differences I saw in each and every student. They had all been outside of their comfort zone on numerous occasions and shown superb skills and qualities that the most successful leaders would be impressed by. All of them stepped up to every challenge, overcoming anxieties and difficulties with true resilience and courage. It was a pleasure to witness.

You might think that I’m being a bit sparse with my details of this trip but never has it been so important to stick to the phrase: ‘what goes on tour, stays on tour’. The exact details of the Prefect training remain a secret from everyone except those that have been there!