By: Blonde One

This weekend was the first time The Two Blondes have been let loose out on the moors together for quite some time and once we got there we were reminded how much we have missed it. You may think that we just turned up and got walking … but no, there was quite a bit of preparation involved. Part of the enjoyment of the day was getting ready for the new season. Here’s how it went:

The gloves and hat were retrieved from the spare room where they have been hidden away (luckily the gloves weren’t needed but during the hail, yes you heard me right, the hail, my hands did get very cold).

The 2 Mars bars and packet of raisins were safely packed into their waterproof bag and labelled ‘Emergency rations’ hopefully not to be used until the traditional eating (not all at once) at the end of the season.

The waterproof jacket pockets were refilled with their rightful contents: compass tied to its loop in the map pocket, buff in the right hand pocket, lipsalve and hair elastic in the left.

Sick bag removed. Not really sure why this was in my bag but I’m sure that it won’t be necessary on the moors.

Spare clothing was put into its stuff sack and buried at the bottom of my bag. This stuff sack includes spare trousers, fleece, socks, gloves and hat. It was a bit unnecessary to carry all this on this outing but it seems wrong to walk in the autumn without it all.

The only thing that was wrong with my new season ready bag was the hot Ribena! As you know, I’m not a great fan of it and I have decided to put this moment off for as long as possible. It was coffee all the way this time!

The Two Blondes are back! Watch out!