By: Blonde Two

This time of year is a frantic one for the Two Blondes, for us it is not April Showers but April Lists.  Last weekend was traditionally the time when the youngest of our teams get their first walk out on their own and we and the blokes go to Fox Tor Cafe and do The Lists.  For one reason and another, this didn’t happen on schedule so now The Lists for Ten Tors weekend are overdue.

For the blokes on our team, this may come as a bit of a relief.  The whole thing usually goes like this:  Blonde One and Blonde Two make lists of everything that each person needs to bring to Ten Tors weekend, they give the blokes their lists, the blokes lose their lists as soon as they can get away with it, the Two Blondes tell them off, we all bring everything to Ten Tors weekend and have lots of kettles but no teaspoons.  As we are generally a happy bunch and quite good at sharing (always cultivate a friend with a big cup for tea in case you forget yours) this is not usually a problem.

This year, it is all very exciting because we have found a lovely person to help us out with catering equipment and food.  The Lists are going to need to be different and to be honest, it will probably be easiest not to give the boys any at all.  This will save them the effort of having to lose them and they will be able to concentrate on more interesting things such as foot binding and minibus petrol gauges.

I like Ten Tors weekend for many, many reasons but one thing that I really enjoy is being in charge of bacon sandwiches (who wouldn’t!)  It takes experience to make bacon sarnies for 20 or so people in a tent.  My years as a Scout camp cook have stood me in good stead and nobody has gone hungry on my shift yet.  I have a magic talisman that I take with me to all camps that I will cook at.  It is the (rather small) apron that my Granny made for me for my first Guide camp.  It is blue, has beautiful seams and has my maiden name initials embroidered on it.   She was an amazing Granny, a great Guider and camper and every time I go to camp and put it on, I hope that she is still around somewhere and is still proud of me.