By: Blonde Two

Princetown is kind of the centre of Dartmoor. It is a place of contrasts – on a sunny Sunday (not many of these), Princetown is bustling. Visit here on a day when that Dartmoor mist is down and a completely different picture will be painted. On a misty day, you will no be able to see all the way down the (very short) high street, the buildings will all look the same shade of grey and there will appear to be nobody at all around. All a bit creepy!

Looks are deceptive though, Princetown is a hub and more people than you would imagine move in and out of it, even when the weather is enough to keep the sheep shivering under gorse bushes. Any town that has people moving through with such regularity is bound to have some interesting stories to tell and the Two Blondes have discovered that the best way to find these out is to start up conversations.

Some people highlights of our trip so far …

  1. Dartmoor Rescue – friendly guy at Pork Hill who took the time to come over to say hello to our youngsters and offer them advice.
  2. Chard – don’t worry, we haven’t started chatting to random green leafed vegetables but we did give fox/tent warnings to a very friendly group of Duke of Edinburgh kids from Chard.
  3. Dartmoor Preservation Association – a Twitter invitation to come up for coffee and custard creams saw the Two Blondes hovering rather nervously around the side door of the High Moorland Centre. We met James and Fiona and had a lovely chat all about what the DPA does. I will tell you more about that another day.
  4. Cardiff – another great group of Duke of Edinburgh youngsters who had rather wet socks and a dislike for Dartmoor bogs. Blonde One very nearly offered them some dry ones but they didn’t look too bothered about the situation so we left them to it.
  5. Camping Pods – another friendly chap about to go to a meeting about setting up some camping pods in locations across the moor for people who wanted to walk/cycle but not carry a tent.
  6. Sandwich Advice – I tried a new sandwich, egg mayonnaise and marmite, on the recommendation of the lovely staff at Foxtor Cafe. Enjoyed the experience.
  7. Very Hungry Cyclists – brave people from Deveron Cycling club who were at the end of their first leg between Lands End and John O’Groats.

The list goes on and I expect that there will be more today. Its very exciting not knowing who you are going to end up talking to so go on, find a random stranger and start chatting to them – you never know what you might find out ..