By: Blonde Two

Tonight the Two Blondes have a double booking.  We are going out disguised in girl clothes, as our real selves for the evening.  There will be speeches, wine (I hope there will be wine), applause, pride, press photos and not a single puddle (unless I spill my wine).

The rest of our team will be having a completely different kind of fun and will be wild camping on chilly Dartmoor.  They too may have speeches, photos, applause, pride and wine (unlikely) but they are almost certainly going to be in puddles.

The Two Blondes had considered a heroic dash to the moors at midnight to keep the boys company and check for frozen toes but sense prevailed and we will be joining them on Saturday morning.  It seems a shame to miss our first camp of the season (we have strange seasons down here in Devon) but we are going to be having a proud night celebrating the achievements of some of our young people (hankies at the ready, mind the mascara), not to mention a good night’s sleep in a warm bed.