By: Blonde Two


My name is Thomas, I’m eleven years, six months and fourteen days old and I’m extra-ordinary.

You probably think a boy whose favourite things are searching for information on the internet and listening in geography lessons would be a bit boring, but I’m not boring, I’m extra-ordinary.

What you are holding in your hands (or in your feet if you are a chimpanzee) is my non-story about how I helped someone to find something that they had lost. I’m not going to explain now why it is a non-story; you’ll have to read this book to find out. What I will tell you is that it is a very exciting non-story in which I meet unusual rocks, naughty trees and some very odd hounds.

It is also the non-story of how I find a friend.

A much loved Dartmoor legend with a twist of modern-day friendship and adventure.



The latest book from Two Blondes Walking. Includes ‘Find and Explore’ Dartmoor locations.