By: Blonde Two

If you have been reading our blog as long as we have been writing it (and we know that some of you have), you will know how much we Blondes enjoy camping, walking, running navigation courses, training youngsters, swimming and just being on Dartmoor. You could argue, I guess, that we have always been ambassadors for Dartmoor, but now the title has been made official and we are going to be working with Visit Dartmoor, the official tourism organisation for Dartmoor, as ambassadors.

I looked up a few ideas about what ambassadorial qualifications might be required for the job.

  • We might need to be able to speak the language of a country – we Blondes speak ‘Dartmoor’ very well (leat, gert, dimpsy, dreckly, pasty)
  • We might need to be able to communicate – I believe writing is a form of communication and I dare you to try and stop us writing about Dartmoor
  • We might need to be able to persuade people to visit Dartmoor – hopefully, we have this one in the bag too

If you haven’t looked at the Visit Dartmoor website yet, you really should. As well as places to stay on Dartmoor (including Dartmoor campsites), things to do on Dartmoor and top pubs on Dartmoor, the Visit Dartmoor website gives loads of useful information about Dartmoor activities, Dartmoor places and more Dartmoor walks than you could possibly complete in even 10 visits. We are very much looking forward to working with the Visit Dartmoor team… but have one burning question… do ambassadors have to wear tiaras?

We are particularly looking forward to working with the three, very talented, existing Visit Dartmoor ambassadors.

Malcolm Snelgrove – outdoor photographer extraordinaire

Alex Graeme – Devon tour guide expert

Rebecca Martin – advocate of exciting education

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