By: Blonde Two

Have you ever wondered what the phrase “Put a quart into a pint pot” actually means? Not too hard to work out once you understand that a quart is worth two pints.  If you are still struggling, I am convinced, that, this week, the Two Blondes have found the perfect recipe to illustrate it.

Take Two Blondes and a few other willing helpers, shake in three minibuses, some hard-won hill walking qualifications and a whole bag of goodwill.  Mix together carefully with a large pinch of sense-of-humour.  Add a fantastic national park (preferably Dartmoor), a barrow load of mist, a pinch of frost and some rainy days.  When you have baked all of this together for five years or so, you will have a great team of adults and the where-with-all to train some Ten Tors teams.

Let us say, then that the recipe has gone well so far – we have our pint pot and each year need something to put into it.  That would be the young people themselves.  With a careful eye on numbers and safety ratios, the Two Blondes decided that the maximum number of youngsters for this pint pot would be thirty.  This number would fit  on the minibuses, easily split into groups for each leader and give us plenty of talent to select final teams from.

So there we were, a bit nervous just before our meeting (my first as team manager), hoping that the talks and video had paid off and that we had raised enough interest.  I ran down to the photocopier to finish off the letter printing and when I got back, I was overwhelmed by the number of young people in the room.  We just about found them all somewhere to sit.  I was so overwhelmed, in fact that I can’t even remember what I actually said to them – hopefully it was lots of good advice about kit, payments and dates.  You will have to ask Blonde One about that.

To date, in total, I have given out sixty letters.  This makes exactly a quart to our 30 place pint pot.  Our selection process for who gets to go on that first trip is simple. There is an office, a list and Monday morning.  The first 30 to get to the office on Monday and put their names on the list will be the ones who get to go.  This is definitely less than ideal and I fear that there will be a bit of a scramble but we don’t have many choices.  It wouldn’t be safe to take all of them even if we had enough minibus drivers.

It would be great to live in a world where all young people who wanted and needed adventures got them.  It would be great if all of those sixty keen young faces got their chance to pass the Ten Tors finish line, but only 18 of them will.  All over the South West, there are managers and leaders looking forward to the event but knowing that, along the way, some really tough decisions will have to be made.