By: Blonde One

If you’ve never read the children’s book The Queen’s Knickers, I would recommend it. Now The Two Blondes don’t profess to be royalty but we do sometimes like to discuss underwear. It’s a girl thing! Blokes might like to stop reading now as the rest of this blog is probably of no interest whatsoever.

I wanted to share with you a recent purchase that has made this particular Blonde very happy. I have recently spent, what I thought at the time, a small fortune on a pair of knickers. However, after wearing them on two recent expeditions (they were washed in between) I now know that they were worth every single penny. My new knickers are the very lovely Rab boxers and they are the most comfy knickers I have ever worn! If I could afford it I would be purchasing a pair for every day, but I definitely will have them on my birthday list. It would be very unladylike to discuss in such a public place certain ‘knicker issues’ but with these, there were none.

Try them (not mine), they’re excellent.