By: Blonde Two

I feel today that I should respond in writing to some questions that we have been asked recently:

Q:  What do you know now that you’d wished you’d have known when you started out with this malarkey?

A:  We Blondes wish we had known how naughty yellow Jelly Babies are. We would never have invited them on an expedition.

Q:  What obstacles have you had to negotiate (physical, emotional)?

A:  I think we have walked through every single one of Dartmoor’s gorse patches and most of its bogs.  Emotions are trickier to navigate, but the same things tend to make us laugh and cry!

Q:  How has the dynamic between you evolved over the years?

A:  We were saying the other day that both of us are good leaders and both good supporters. As Two Blondes have grown, we have each found our own areas in which to lead.

Q:  If you could influence or change one Dartmoor related thing what would it be?

A:  We would love to see young people involved in some of the Dartmoor decision making. They are, after all, the future.

Q:  What advice would you give to a brunette who wants to turn blond?

A:  Make words up.  Practice holding your map upside down. Get used to telling Jelly Babies off.

Q:  How did the Two Blondes meet?

A:  We met when Blonde One asked for a parent volunteer to make bacon sandwiches at Six-Foot-Blonde’s Ten Tors debut.

Q:  Which tor, in your opinion, is really worth the walk to sit and enjoy the view (or for any other reason!)

A:  I love Cox Tor because of the view and it is a quick but good stiff walk up there.

Q:  What would be in a Christmas Blonde Bap?

A:  We have had to disagree about this (doesn’t happen often).  B1 – Pigs-in-Blankets, stuffing and sprouts.  B2 – Turkey, bread sauce and stuffing.

Q:  What would happen “When Blonde met Bond:The Movie”?

A:  Mr 007 would have his work cut out with us. We would take him to the middle of Dartmoor and challenge him to find his way off again.

Q:  Are there any plans for Blonde branded clothing range? Thinking Bear Frylls.

A:  That is an amazing idea!  Watch this Blonde space!